Friday, April 13, 2007

Purple Iris Dreams - SOLD

Purple Iris Dreams detail shown Full Sheet 22" x 30" Watercolor on 300 lb Arches rough Watercolor Paper Available as an ebay auction, 3 days, starting price $75.00 plus shipping. This is a large watercolor of iris impressions. I would say that it is semi-realistic, not a botanical, but carefully rendered. My daughter tells me that people are in the mood for spring, color, flowers, and to cool it with the winter scenes already. LOL, she's probably right. This one could be done in a floating frame, all the deckles are intact and could be shown. I'm trying something different with this one, and have put it on ebay as a three day auction. I haven't learned yet how to do the simple links, so bear with me, and here's the long version. Thanks for looking.

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