Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Morning Silhouettes - SOLD

Morning Silhouettes
Oil on Stretched Canvas
11" x 14"
Sold at $50.00 plus shipping.
Another comparison painting, done from the same photo as the watercolor from a few days ago. Again, more control and forgiveness, but less transparency and magic. I do like the colors here very much, and the feel of the light just catching the clouds and trees. Thanks for looking.

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Jana Bouc said...

Your work continues to amaze me. Congratulations on your success in selling almost everything you make and making beautiful paintings every day. I'm finally getting the hang of oil painting a bit -- or at least understanding the concepts you were teaching me, seeing them in practice when I paint. It only makes me more in awe of your abilities! Alla prima work seems to require mixing and applying exactly the right colors and values the first time, making it even more demanding than watercolor since you can keep glazing with wc until you get the right value or color.

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