Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Morning Farmland - SOLD

Morning Farmland
10.5" x 14"
Watercolor of Strathmore Gemini 300lb CP
Sold at $30.00 plus shipping.
Another watercolor this morning, with less fussing and more thought to the way watercolor works. That is, lay it down and leave it, let the paper and the water do their own thing. I like this one, done from a photo I took on a summer morning, on the way to the beach. Thanks for looking.


Cara Dawn Romero said...


Kitty said...

The way the light comes through the trees is spectacular. I love the simplicity of this painting.

Robin Weiss said...

Wow, beautiful watercolor! Just came across your work on D.P.

This nicely suggests the sun coming up on a perfect morning. The clouds and sky glow with light and the dark forground lead the eye in. Nice!

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