Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Creek Sunset Limited Palette - SOLD

Oil on Canvasboard 12" x 16" Using the same photo as a couple of days ago, I tried a limited palette. This is the suggested purple and yellow complementary palette from the book The Yin/Yang of Painting, by Hongnian Zhang, an excellent resource book for new oil painters. I missed having a blue for the sky, but the lavender works just fine. One thing about the limited palette is that you can't help getting a strong color harmony in your painting. Thanks for looking, and if you'd like me to send you the color list, just send an email.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there Nel,

I am a Christian, a grandmother, a teacher and an artist too. We seem to have a lot in common. I loved your paintings especially "Creek Sunset Limited Palette".
What I most liked about your writing is that I could feel the love of Jesus in your words. Congratulations on your work.
The address of my blog is:
anafausta from Brazil.

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